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Addressable LED's (and FastLED)

This Wiki provides Makers with information on using addressable LED's. The main focus will be Arduino and the FastLED display library.

Adding to this Wiki

You can currently edit this wiki without logging in, however if this site starts getting abused, I will roll back the site to a previous backup and tighten the controls.

If you are creating content, you hereby acknowledge that no one else can claim ownership to that content and that you have adequate knowledge of the intended topics as well as how to update the wiki without making a mess of things.

Can I add a link to my 'demo of awesomeness'? If you are an experienced programmer and use good programming practices (your code isn't spaghetti and is reasonbly well commented) and it's a VERY cool demo that can be relatively easily re-created, then sure. If you use delay() statements in your code, then no.

Can I add my various projects or things that I sell? Keep in mind that I'm mostly looking for links. Furthermore, this Wiki is primarily focused on FastLED. I don't mind other stuff, but I don't want to dwell too much on any single product/project/person/company.



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